Parents Of Skaters  :

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Every child grows and matures at different rates.  Not all children will go through this sport (or any sport) at the same level as their competitors. SSNB believes in the Speed Skating Canada Guidelines of development as presented in 2004 in the  (LTADM) Long term Athlete Development Model.  SSNB is working to provide the apporporiate information for  all SSNB Clubs and Skaters.  

Parents at the younger ages play the most dramatic role in their child's development. Pay attention to the developmental needs of YOUR CHILD and help create the development opportunities that he/she requires.  Talk with your coaches , if you feel you need assistance.   Above all make sure that YOUR CHILD is having FUN doing their activities. 

Click Here to view approporiate system specific activities according to age.  Please remember that YOUR Child may need a different developmental time frame according to how early or late they start reaching puberty. 

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