Provincial Team -  T2T-CWG  Programs


    T2T programs are intended for those skaters who have reached physical maturity and decided they wish to pursue the sport of speedskating at a much higher level. 
           This program  expects the incoporation of  both OFF ICE as well as ON ICE  training on a consistent basis, anything less and you are only fooling yourself.

Your success comes from YOU  - 
   it is built from the daily sweat,  dedication & commitment  that  only  YOU
                                            can put into YOUR GOAL(s).

      YOU may want something from the sport of Speed skating ! 
                            The  reality is !     With every "WANT"
         - There has to be GOALS & a PLAN laid out for achieving that want .
         - there has to be action(s) aimed at achieving that "WANT"
   YOU HAVE TO TAKE the ownership / You have to accept the  RESPONSIBILITY
                           -  NO ONE CAN HAVE SUCCESS FOR YOU!


This is where YOU have to make YOUR CHOICES
and learn to accept & live with those choices !

At this stage in your development, YOU should have learned to develop a good work ethic along with a focus on developing good technical skills.  Success will not always happen on a consistent basis.  There will be trying times when you will need the support of others to help you through these  hard times. Having set backs can be a good thing and many lessons can be learned from these opportunities.   TAKE the TIME to LEARN the LESSONS. 
Most people do not reach their goals, Not because they are not capable of achieving them.   It is because they loose faith in themselves and give up on themselves too soon.
If we truly WANT something - We have to learn how to stay focused on our goals and learn to work through the hard times.  
        There are plenty of good skills to be learned from defeats - but only if we look for them with a progressive & positive attitude. .

   ALWAYS INCLUDE a MENTAL COMPONENT to every training session
        IF the focus is not POSITIVE
             and the training is NOT a CHALLENGE
                        Then you have just wasted a practice (and your time)  - Click Here

      Make sure you take the time to develop these skills, as much as you do the physicaL.

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You will not be given a weight Program unless you have taken a weight training course to teach proper technique as well as proper safety requirements.

For Other strength routines
SEE Free body strength (with Belts) scroll down

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" A dream, that inspires YOUR commitment and dedication, is a worthwhile goal –

     A goal without YOUR commitment and dedication will always be just a dream.

"IF" your Goal is to skate at National competitions against other Provincial Teams. Then your choices are clear, You must do the work required to achieve that level of Preparation in all 4 elements of sport. 
        Where is your understanding of learning to be YOUR BEST ?
Where is your level of COMMITMENT  to YOUR GOALS?
SPEED : some different ideas for speed of movement drills.  4 - 8 sec Max sprints work as well
                        4 square  : # 1  ,  # 2  , # 3,    # 4 ,     # 5 ,   # 6

Dot  :     # 1  ,   # 2   ,  # 3   ,   # 4
  Ball Programs           -   Can be a good strength developer at ALL ages and can be done                                         safely and inexpensively at home . Go to  35 pages to access these programs
Flexibility/ balance/ agility  programs
        - important requirements for ALL levels/ages of skaters. Flexibility and Balance are very important and must be worked on a regular basis. 
The ability of the muscle to move fluidly through it's full range of motion
      for copies of  flexibility program
                                                                     Click Here
-   You need to FUEL the FIRE !  A guide to the needs of your growing body, Your bodies interaction of vitamins and minerals, amounts needed daily and the foods to get them from.
                                                     See more   (Click here)

Nutrition & Hydration Guidelines  -  Click Here

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One week -  food intake Sheet - click here

8.  DEC  -  T2T- CWG - LT Program
NOTE - 2 programs for December.  1 IF you can attend LT ICE (Blue tabs) and 1 if you cannot attend LT Ice (Green tabs)
read info sheet
Belts INFO - click here

T2T-CWG    Freebody -    #  8.1

T2T-CWG    Free body -  #  8.2

T2T-CWG   Free body -  #  8.3

T2T-CWG    Free body -   #  8.4

Suggested for Longtrackers
TNT Squat Replacement - DEC

   T2T-  CWG   - NOV 2014
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Belt INFO - click here

T2T-CWG   Freebody -    #  7.1

T2T-CWG   Free body -  #  7.2

T2T-CWG    Free body - #  7.3

T2T-CWG   Free body -  #  7.4

TNT Squat Relpacement sheet -NOV