2015 Canada Winter  Games Information
updated July  , 2013

By YOU wanting to earn a position on the 2015 Canada Winter Games TEAM
-IT  is NOT just a chance to represent your Province at  (most likely) the highest sporting level you MAY ever achieve. 
It is also a golden opportunity for YOU to LEARN & PRACTICE -
                          valuable everyday LIFE SKILLS at a very demanding level
                                                  aimed at  a very challenging longer term GOAL.

The skills you LEARN today,   develop a lifestyle for YOUR future
                                          ....................... skills  that you will use on a daily basis.  

Seed times/Ranking from Selection A    -   going into Selection B

                  Female                                     Male

      SSNB  2015             SSC Age Eligibility    - Click Here
            CWG   -       Club -     AGE eligibility list   -   Click here  

              SSNB 2013 - 15  Commitment Form     - Click Here    - 
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          Canada Games Camp schedule for 2013  - 2014    - Click here   
            Last years schedule has had a few adjustments that reflect changes to the next  few camps

           NOTE :  This schedule is subject to change - Please keep watching for updates.

             Current Season Schedule    - When season schedule ( Both St & LT)  is final

                Schedule    CURRENT 2014  Season    -   see Calendar -

            2015 Canada Games Guide - click here
         This Guides contents may change, if circumstances are dictated by any changes made by SSC or the Canada Games Council
                     Also be aware that SSNB tries to secure dates and facilities well in advance, as scheduled .                                                       However this schedule may change at anytime. Please pay attention to notifications via e-mail.

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"  The Will TO WIN .....
                    ..... means nothing...... 
         ........without the   WILL TO PREPARE !"
   There is no comparison between
                      that which is lost by not succeeding ---
                                            And that which is lost by not trying !