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        FPVQ Provincial Circuit 2013 ( Combined time 500 - 1000 m  in Sec ) 
Juv Girls - 162 sec    ;           Open Ladies - 156 sec        ;        Open Men  -  147 sec

       FPVQ Elite Circuit 2013   ( Combined time 500 & 1500M  in Sec )
                                         Open Ladies - 198.93  sec       ;        Open Men  - 183.13 sec

IF you qualify for a competition that you wish to attend
             Please contact  Peter Steele ( )  as soon as possible
                       and at minimum - two weeks prior to the competition date


            NB Short  & Long Track Records 2013 - 2014           as of  June 5th  , 2014

  SSNB  111.12 M track   RECORDS  (Plus LT Records  and Special Olympic Records ) -    Click here

                                           -     SSNB 100M Track Records    - Click Here

          Long Track records  ( PDF)   -  click here

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SSNB will not be contacting skaters to tell them they qualified. IT will be your responsibility to notify   -  at a minimum of  twelve days prior to the event you wish to attend.
Contact the above e-mail if you need assistance in figuring out your combined times.

*   AGE Eligibility Change for 2012 - 2013 Season - Age classification for FPVQ Provincial Circuit is
           females  14 and older    and Males 15 years and older

*   If you are interested in attending FPVQ Provincial Circuit
     you will need both a 400M and a 1500M time from the 100 M track.   The SSNB time requirement to be eligible to try and get a qualifying time on the 111M track --------- is 213 sec combined 400 & 1500M time for females  and    204 sec for males  on the 100 m track.

See SSNB Provincial Team  Policy  for the current season standards