1.   Notice of 2007 AGM -  -April 25th, 2007

      2.   Voting  Delegates for clubs

3.   SSNB - AGM -  Motion forms
4.   Agenda -  Click here
5.   Competition Committee report
6.  Athlete Development report
7.  Domestic Development /Communications report
8.  Coaches Committee report 

       9.   2006 Draft Minutes   - Click here

10.  Restigouche Club report
11. Saint John Club report
12.  Hampton Club report
13.  Fredericton Club report

    14   Provincial Coach / Technical Director  Report

15.  Financial  -  Balance Sheet
  - Income statement 


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Below are the first notice of the 2007 SSNB AGM

A.  All Committee at -Large members - please make sure you are able to attend

  B.  Committee's - please make sure you have your year end reports prepared for this meeting 

  C.  Club Presidents - Please have a year end club report on the past season and any new initatives to begin the up coming season